This year’s Young Persons’ Concert, which concluded the EAC Concert Series on August 31, featured an enjoyable range of styles and some very charismatic acts. Performers included Siobhan Duffy, violin; Cora Zipperer-Sánchez, violin; Milei Kido, piano; Luna and Sarah Lord, flute; Isaac Atkinson, bass guitar; Roy Duffy, trumpet; Ellis Zipperer-Sánchez, guitar; and Kieran Weston, drums. The EAC would like to thank the following Washington County music educators for their assistance with the show:
Bonnie Atkinson, Lois Bezanson, Gregory Biss, Alison Brennan, Elizabeth Nichols-Goodliff, John Newell, Kris Paprocki, Christine Proefrock, Alice St.Clair, and Robert Sánchez.