Tension mounts in act two as Roy Duffy as Sir Bedevere outlines to King Arthur (Marion Look) a daring plan to attack the Castle Aaaargh, while Sir Lancelot (Kieran Weston), Sir Robin (Erin Harrell) and Patsy (Liam Rouleau) listen in. EAC’s Children’s Theater Workshop, with 15 young participants from Eastport, Perry, Pembroke, Trescott and St. Stephen, N.B., presented Of Kings and Coconuts, an adaptation of Monty Python’s The Search for the Holy Grail, to a delighted audience on April 20. Photo by Brandy Argir.

EAC’s Children’s Theater Workshop presented Of Kings and Coconuts, an adaptation of Monty Python’s The Search for the Holy Grail, to a delighted audience on April 20. The group, which had 15 participants who came from as far away as St. Stephen, NB, and Trescott, and from as nearby as ‘next door,’ worked on the show every Saturday but one since late January. Familiar to some but hilarious to all—as affirmed by attendee David Brass, who’d never seen the Monty Python original—the young performers’ renditions of “The Bridge of Death,” “The Knights of Ni,” “The Castle Aaargh,” the “Bring Out Your Dead” sketch and the peasant’s diatribe kept the audience laughing loudly and smiles on all faces.

Kieran Weston, calling “Bring out your dead!” (left) has humorous difficulty with Tucker Thompson and Ivy Owens: “I’m not dead yet!” Photo by Brandy Argir.
In this scene, Roy Duffy as Sir Bedevere, Marion Look as King Arthur and Rachel Bailey as Sir Galahad, with an entourage including Liam Rouleau, Zephyr Nickerson and Erin Harrell, are viciously taunted by the French Guard, played with gusto by Tucker Thompson. Photo by John Leavitt.

“We had lots of fun, and were proud of the work we did,” noted Director, Chris Grannis. “Our next project will have a shorter-term rehearsal commitment and will be part of EAC’s annual Moose Island Follies show. We are looking for a short skit—ideas welcomed. It could be a short spoof commercial, a poem acted out, or a piece of music.” Those interested in participating in CTW’s new project should email Chris, chris@eastportartscenter.org.
Children’s Theater Workshop is a free program supported in part by a generous donation from Michael Tucket.

Among the 15 participants in Children’s Theater Workshop’s Of Kings and Coconuts were Zephyr Nickerson (from left), Cadence Nickerson, Owen Leavitt, Rachel Bailey, Roy Duffy, Marion Look and Kali Wallender. Photo by Brandy Argir.

Special thanks are extended by the show’s director, Chris Grannis:
“To all of the parents who provided invaluable help to this production by raising amazing children, and driving them all over the place to support their interests. Also, thanks to:

Cathy Adelman who helped in many ways as a volunteer gatherer, seamstress, painter, etc.
Cash Adelman, 10, from Parsonsfield Maine, who helped paint set pieces.
Colby Stoker, sound effects director, who was willing to jump in during heck week.
Marissa Stoker who came willing to play, and constructed an amazing Knight of Ni helmet.
Pam Koenig who gave us a good head start with costuming.
Susan Lehnen who joined the fray and helped with set pieces.
Wren Fraser who was sorry to miss the production after attending rehearsals but flew south over school break week.
Susan Bailey who was at most rehearsals and was of great support by being ‘on book’ for the actors and also with her creative painting on set.
Peg Richardson who stepped up and made us a cake.
Steve Grannis who willingly (it seems; he may be a good actor) helps create whatever crazy idea I have.”

The after-party cake, featuring fearsome bunny, was made by Peg Richardson. Photo by Brandy Argir.

Participants included:
Rachel Bailey, 27, of Eastport: Sir Galahad and Reporter’s wife.
Roy Duffy, 14, of Perry: the Reporter, Sir Knight of Ni, Sir Bedevere and Brother Maynard.
Siobhan Duffy, 15, of Perry: the Narrator and God.
Erin Harrell, 8, of St. Stephen, NB: a Ni Person and Sir Robin.
Abby Leavitt, 15, of Trescott and Pembroke: Light Operator.
Owen Leavitt, 13, of Pembroke and Trescott: Old Man Soothsayer, Tim the Enchanter and the Bridgekeeper, and sound effects.
Marion Look, 13, of Eastport: King Arthur; also of invaluable help to the director and a helper with props and set.
Cadence Nickerson, 15, of Pembroke: Dennis the Serf, the Black Knight, and Roger the Shrubber, and sound effects.
Zephyr Nickerson, 9, of Pembroke: the English Guard and the Green Knight, and sound effects.
Ivy Owens, 8, of St. Stephen, NB: the Not Quite Dead Person, a Ni Person and the Fierce Bad Bunny, and sound effects.
Liam Rouleau, 7 of St. Stephen, NB: King Arthur’s Patsy and Brother, and boulder construction help.
Tucker Thompson,12, of Eastport: the Customer, French Guard and Tim 1.
Kali Wallender, 13, of Eastport: Mrs. Dennis and the Old Crone, sound effects and stage hand.
Kieran Weston, 13, of Eastport: the Dead Collector and Sir Lancelot.

Director Chris Grannis is shown doing some behind-the-scenes work on the castle, which occasionally is a menacing rock wall (above), and helping a performer on stage, as the set (including cardboard boulders and vegetation) comes together.

Sound effects: Colby Stoker
Set building & painting: Steve Grannis, Susan Bailey, Marion Look, Kieran Weston, Cash Adelman, Catherine Adelman, Lindy Weston, Susan Lehnen and Shelly Thompson.