A weekend spent sculpting under the tutelage of Elizabeth Ostrander was a dream come true for the participants of this very popular August workshop. Inspired by Icelandic fairies, sea creatures, totem art, goddesses including Sedna the Eskimo goddess of the sea and others, each artist worked with paper clay to create a fully realized piece. Once these sculptures are completely dry, Ostrander will fire them in her kiln.

“I went to the workshop just a bit apprehensive about my ability to sculpt with clay,” said Mary Anderson, “but I was pretty sure Elizabeth would be a good teacher, and she was. She got me through the process of building up the clay base and encouraged be to have fun with the process. Taking her advice, I did let the clay lead me to make a really cartoonish and fun wild hare. I now have a better appreciation of what it takes to be a great sculptor like Elizabeth.”

Ostrander noted: “The first day everyone was learning how to ‘listen’ to their clay. By the second day everyone ‘heard,’ and what wonders were created—just fabulous work!
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