Instructor Arlene Wren guided a group of 24 learners through the fun process of making their own candles at a workshop held November 17 at EAC. The participants used gentle heat from hair dryers to soften the embossed beeswax sheets, then carefully rolled their candles. Some chose to roll tall tapers, others made shorter or stouter sizes. Still others experimented with striped, spotted and conical candle shapes. Attendees of this popular ‘sold out’ workshop were drawn from Baring, Calais, Eastport, Pembroke, Robbinston and St. Stephen, NB.

Wren is a beekeeper, rug braider, quilter and maker of personal care products, and with her husband Mark owns Wrenovations, a Downeast business. For more information about educational offerings of Eastport Arts Center, please visit