Eleven bidders bidding! The auction was silent but lively. Photo by Robin Farrin.

EAC’s 10th annual Festival of Trees was well attended by generous, lively bidders, and boasted a stunning forest of lovingly decorated tabletop trees. Event founder and organizer Marged Higginson extends thanks on behalf of the EAC to all who helped:

The Bidders: 
Thank you to all who rewarded the decorators by bidding to support EAC.
  Fresh Trees: 
Mother Nature; Steve & Chris Grannis

Caitlyn Stellrecht, who collaborated with Jeanne Katkavich on A Canine Christmas Tree is shown decorating at the annual night-before party, part of the festival’s tradition. Photo by Brandy Argir.
Barbara Kendall (left) and daughter Georgie Kendall admire A Canine Christmas. Georgie has been a decorator for
every festival, with a wide array of imaginative motifs! Photo by Robin Farrin.

The Decorators: 
Cathy Moroz and Samra Kuseybi; Catherine Lee; Eastport Garden Club with Diana Boone, Donna Thayer, Judy Knapp, Betty Zierke, Hilda Lewis, Pat Christopher, Mary Feely & Mainely Flowers; Seaside Stones; Cathy Adelman; Joan Lowden; Susan Weaver & Kris Smith; Peavey Library with Patricia Gardner-Theriault, Dana Chevalier, Mary Anderson and Sue Riddle; French Club: Claudia Jones, Paula DeFilippo, Helen Swallow, Suzanne Bechard, Cynthia Morse, Dovie Gaither, Nikki Fox & Pat Derry; Kathy Lewis; Cynthia Morse & Nikki Fox; Jeanne Katkavich & Caitlyn Stellrecht; Georgie Kendall; Robin MacDonald; Linda Courtney; David Oja & Mary Ann Roberts Wiles ; Little Water Street Gang: Jack & Anita Sivertson, Barbara Barrett, Madeline Murphy; Back Parlor Knitters with Mary Anderson, Sandy Swanson, Jeanne Peacock, Ruth Wiens, Linda Courtney, Kathy Lewis, Paula DeFilippo, Cynthia Morse; Donna Finks; Raye’s Mustard; Dominic Noe; Sandy Swanson; Marissa Stoker.

Little Water Street Gang’ members Barbara Barrett (from left), Madeline Murphy and Jack Sivertson are shown at work decorating. Anita Sivertson is the fourth ‘gang’ member. Photo by Brandy Argir.

 Donors of Raffle Items: 
Eastport Breakwater Gallery, The Commons, Suzanne Bechard and Cynthia Morse.
 Committee Members:
Marged Higginson, Cynthia Morse,  Lora Whelan, Mark Macey, Alison Brennan, Kieran Weston, Alberta Hunter, Jennie Dean, Chris Peek, Theresa Peek, Gail McGlamery.  

Even EAC’s youngest attendees enjoy the festival’s glorious light show. Photo by Robin Farrin.

Alumnae of Perry Girl Scout Troop 1981: Kayla Partridge, Ashley Lyon, Jenna Dean. 
Refreshment Providers: 
Jean Wilhelm, Barb Smith, Greg Biss, Brian Duffy, Marged Higginson, Cynthia Morse, Jon Bragdon, Theresa Peek, Colby Stoker, Jim Riccio, Lora Whelan, Cathy Adelman, Ruth Wiens, Gail McGlamery.
Kitchen Supervisor: 
Marlene Russ

And the band played on, while bidders and children whirled ever by! Photo by Robin Farrin

The Moose Island House Players, featuring Alice St. Clair, Brandy and Ross Argir, and Ellen Krajewski.
Brian Schuth
Raffle Ticket Booth & Cashiers: 
Jean Schild and Barbara Smith.
Above and Beyond: 
EAC staff members Chris Grannis, Lauren Koss and Alison Brennan.

Muffy Floyd, a recent addition to the EAC community, helps to decorate Board member Cathy Adelman’s Heaven and Earth tree in spite of a recuperating shoulder. Photo by Brandy Argir.

“Thanks as well to anyone who helped whom I inadvertently omitted from the list,” says event founder and organizer Marged Higginson. “Winter programming is possible because all of you helped. Don’t miss out. Sign up early to be one of the 25 tree decorators for the 11th Festival of Trees on December 12, 2020. Mark your calendar now, and email me at margedhigginson11@gmail.com to reserve your tree!”

From Eastport Garden Club’s coveted Fairy Garden tree, a delicate, detailed ornament to inspire budding decorators. Photo by Brandy Argir.