Calais Drama Club students spent an afternoon at EAC studying physical comedy with Mark Macey. Some of the participants were Sofia Clark (from left), Tristan Seavey, Sontee Edwards, Cassidy Carr and Kiersten Flick. When not clowning around, the group is hard at work preparing the one act play Tracks by Peter Tarsi for Maine Drama Festival competition.

Mark Macey, EAC and Stage East’s Island Institute Fellow, is presenting a series workshops for high school drama clubs, focusing on physical comedy, a performance mode where movement is the primary method of storytelling. Calais High School and Shead High School groups’ workshops were held in January. Washington Academy and Cobscook Institute sessions are planned.
In the sessions, students learn about feeling tuned into each other, how to create better scenes with their pose, and to realize that their character has a physical state that the audience reads. One of the Calais students thanked Macey and said that she, “Learned to notice the little things that help the audience understand what we are presenting.”  “We got really focused and comfortable around each other,” said another student.
It’s been a blast to work with high school students,” said Macey. “It’s my favorite age group, and I’m teaching them my favorite stuff—physical theatre. It’s also been a fun departure from my other class, Laugh Lab, which is more focused on improvisation and comedy.”