Shaïloh is shown with his original Tarot cards, part of EAC’s Youth Art Month Exhibition. Photo by Michelle L. (Shaïloh’s Mom).

11-year-old Shaïloh, a homeschooled Eastport resident, is at work on an ambitious art project—to create his own illustrated Tarot deck. The first 9 of these cards are currently on view in EAC’s Youth Art Month Exhibition, and the artist plans to continue plugging away at his task. “I got the inspiration for the tarot cards mainly from reading books of occult history, and also of having my own tarot deck,” said Shaïloh, who was born on Reunion Island near Madagascar, and raised mostly on Kauai, Hawaii. “I got the art ideas mainly from using the art from the Rider Waite deck and the main meanings of the cards.”

This is the first year that homeschooled artists have participated in the Youth Art Month exhibition, and in many cases, these artists—like Shaïloh—have chosen their own projects based on their interests, rather than receiving an assignment. Lev’s interest-driven learning has included fantasy, gaming, and witchcraft, and during the COVID-19 ‘stay-at-home’ order he is engaged with learning to draw elaborate maps of fantasy landscapes. “I enjoy reading fantasy books like The Chronicles of Narnia, Fablehaven, The Adventures Guild and The Hobbit,” noted Shaïloh. “I play tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic The Gathering, and also like to design my own games.”

Shaïloh jokes with his mother and homeschooling teacher Michelle. Photo by Robin Farrin.

With mother Michelle, a multifaceted artist in her own right, Shaïloh presents a radio show each week on Shead High School’s radio station, WSHD 93.3. Shaïloh’s segment—Interlude Mystica—is part of Michelle’s world music show, which airs at 10 am Friday each week. Station manager Robert Sanchez indicated on April 2 that live radio shows will continue until further notice.

Stay tuned for more segments in connection with the Youth Art Month exhibition. If you’re a participating artist or teacher, please email us at to indicate interest in working with us on a story.

Shaïloh and pet rat Whiskers are ready to work at his desk. Photo by Michelle L.

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