EAC’s two weekly dance groups—Ecstatic Dance and International Dance—will continue to offer opportunities for participation, via YouTube playlists. The Ecstatic group has always provided dancers a chance to cut loose and dance with no rules or judgement, and the initial playlist offers listeners some great inspiration to do the same from the comfort of home. The International Dancers have a tradition of teaching dances from around the world; their playlist includes demonstration videos of other dancers so watchers can follow along with the steps, or just move joyfully.

Please use the links below to access the two groups’ playlists. Videos will remain available, and in the case of Ecstatic Dance, a new playlist will be added each week in time for participants to dance at the group’s usual time—5-6 pm on Tuesday nights. Dancers can view or subscribe to the new Ecstatic Dance YouTube channel!

Ecstatic Dance

International Dance

Part of a joyful tradition of movement at EAC, shown here are dancers at Eastport Pride Festival’s EAC event with Beach Trash providing the musical inspiration.