Myrick begins the lesson by unpacking a lunch sack—the same type Eastport students have been receiving daily through the schools’ meal delivery program.

Beloved educator Sara Myrick, a longtime instructor of EAC youth workshops and camps, and art teacher for the Eastport schools, has launched an ‘Art with Ms M’ page on Facebook, and is sharing art time with her students—and anyone else who’d like to watch. Myrick’s lessons have always reflected a frugal, resource-conscious stance, and she has introduced many children to the joy of upcycling. A recently posted project video employs a large paper sack—the same sacks Eastport schoolchildren are receiving in quantity via the schools’ daily meal delivery service.

I was looking through some of the stuff that’s in these bags—and on the one hand, clearly everything has to be individually packaged, which can be frustrating,” says Myrick in her video, ever an environmentalist. “But on the other hand, there’s some really cool materials in here …” The instructor goes on to guide viewers to use the simple materials to make imaginative paper bag characters.

Myrick’s whimsical puppet is made of lunch packaging, and viewers are encouraged to work along with her on their own characters.

“Remember—there’s no right or wrong way to do this,” says Myrick. “Give it a name, give it some fun little storyline. Post a picture of your character, or a whole group of your characters.” In her gentle voice, she closes, saying: “I miss you all very very much. I hope you are all staying healthy, and I hope we all get to spend art time together soon.”

Check out the upcycled lunch packaging project here!

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