On January 25, Melissa Newcomb presented a workshop on Epoxy Basics for a group of 20 students at Eastport Arts Center (EAC). Newcomb’s teaching technique and her very organized set-up made for a fun and creative class. Students learned the dos and don’ts of working with epoxy resin, and many different ways to enhance their work. “Each person created a unique piece of functional artwork,” said Newcomb. “The class was very interested in learning, and asked excellent questions.” Participants traveled from as far away as the Machias/Northfield area and St. Stephen, New Brunswick, as well as from the towns in between. The waitlist of people wanting to learn about epoxy with Melissa was so large that a second session of the workshop was be held at the center on March 7.

More information about EAC’s educational opportunities may be found at eastportartscenter.org/education.