Sarah Lord, a flute player and Board member for Passamaquoddy Bay Symphony Orchestra, has recorded a series of musical videos to share with the EAC community. She commented, “This Covid-19 situation has changed my family’s life in so many ways, but one positive change is that we have more time for music. My oldest daughter plays flute and we have had a chance to play many duos, enjoy sight reading challenges and play with a program called smartmusic provided by her high school music program. My younger daughter plays trumpet. We’ve enjoyed listening to her play and practice and also brainstorming ideas on how we could combine our sounds. Music has helped us with the stress of doing all school work at home. With all the changes caused by Covid-19, we are comforted by the constant music provides. Music is never unstable or uncomfortable for us. It’s our escape from this unstable world right now.”

An on-and-off PBSO member since 2013 (due to balancing work, family and the hour-long late-night commute to and from Eastport for weekly practices), Lord kept busy while out of the orchestra performing for weekly chapel sessions at Camp Eagle Wing in the summer months, and performing duets with daughter Luna for people all over Downeast Maine. In 2018, daughters Luna and Lucy were both cast in PBSO’s production of Brundibár, a children’s opera. “I was also asked by PBSO to be the flute player in the small orchestra for Brundibár. I immediately agreed; having being away from the orchestra world for a number of years, I was elated to be involved again! After the project ended, my need for the orchestra was strong—and in 2019 I joined PBSO again, playing flute.  I am so happy to be back with the amazing community of musicians.”

A multi-instrumentalist, Sarah has played flute for almost 30 years. She studied Interdisciplinary Fine Arts with Gene Nichols at the University of Maine in Machias, and has played with multiple ensembles over the years. Sarah currently owns and operates Rier Insurance Agency in Machias and resides in Marion with her husband and three school-aged children, Luna, Lucy and Enzo. She reports that her latest project is duets with a classical guitarist friend.

More videos may be viewed via Sarah’s YouTube channel. Thanks, Sarah!

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