EAC’s international community chorus, Quoddy Voices, recently announced that their new accompanist is Jane Lanctot—Lubec resident, multi-instrumentalist, scholar of Cambodian music, electrical engineering and mathematics, AND host of Round the World with Cracklin’ Jane, a radio show aired online and via Eastport’s Shead High School radio station, WSHD-LP. Cracking away on producing new shows each week from her extensive collection of historic 78 RPM recordings from around the world, Lanctot is also at work on the design and testing of implantable medical devices. Musically, she plays piano, harpsichord, continuo and fortepiano, and gave a concert of Baroque music with flutist Jan Holms at EAC last June . “I was planning on doing quite a bit of performing this summer,” said Lanctot last week. “Realistically it’ll probably have to wait. More time to practice!

Lanctot has produced 25 radio shows, and features each week both a themed selection of tunes and an episode of radio drama. Recordings are all on either 78-RPM or cylinder format. “Many have the pronounced crackling surface noise of authenticity,” notes Lancot, explaining her lifelong love of ‘the snap, crackle and pop’ of the records. “A noisy record is a sign that it was loved and played to death by its original owners.”

Lanctot provides this additional information about her host station on her site: WSHD-LP Eastport (aka Tiger Radio) is a low-budget non-profit station with a small exclusive listening area including the US towns surrounding Eastport, Maine, as well as Campobello, Grand Manan, and Deer Island in Canada. We play music you most likely won’t hear on any commercial station. Despite abject pleas from our rabid fans to stream WSHD, the station cannot afford to do it yet. Hence, the Round the World Podcast. Please consider supporting WSHD

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