Anne Shields Hopkins’ latest cut pie reveal (with ‘before’ image above) was sent in for festivalgoers’ enjoyment.

Submissions of poetry (or pie photos!) are welcomed for EAC’s celebration of April as National Poetry Month. Our original plan for a celebration was to be our first-ever Poetry and Pie Night, sponsored by Pembroke’s Pie Ladies Bakery. Given current circumstances, we’re instead offering an online festival with BYOP flair (bring your own pie). Please send us pdfs of poems or other contributions for consideration.

“This poem,” writes Jonathan Aretakis, “was written by one of my favorite Greek poets (Constantine Cavafy) in 1910. It was translated by the English scholar Philip Sherrard, one of my academic mentors (and a younger cousin of Virginia Woolf). Philip died in 1992.
“I worked as a gardener on Philip’s estate in Evia, Greece, in the summer of 1980; and then in 1981-1982 as an assistant editor for his wife’s publishing company in Athens. 
“I think the poem could have been written for our current situation. I am drawn to the idea that the danger we imagine is not what we think it is.”

April poem by Molly McDonald
Catherine J.S. Lee submitted this haiga poem and the one below for the festival. Haiga is a Japanese art form combining haiku, written in calligraphic script, with a painting. The painting may not be an illustration of the poem. Instead, the poem and the painting may be in juxtaposition to one another — so that their contrast may create fuller meaning.
Lora Whelan recorded this video of her 2017 poem, Privilege, last week, and wished to share it here with EAC family.
Valerie Lawson wrote this poem, Influenza, during the early 2000s. “It was a rough time. I was working at a pediatric clinic then and there was a shortage of vaccine.”

Lisa Marquis-Bradbury shared this painting and the poem below via social media last week.
Anne and Rafi Hopkins collaborated on these pumpkin pies on April 8, 2020.

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