Inspired by a letter Anne Stanley shared from The Timberjay, a paper published in Ely, Minnesota, Quoddy Voices are calling for community members to join in on a Downeast “Full Moon Howl.”

This letter to the editor, printed in The Timberjay, Ely, Minnesota, inspired Anne Stanley to urge Washington County folk to howl this month.

“It’s an opportunity for people to release, in a very healthy way, all the pent-up emotion they’re feeling and recognize that we’re all in this together,” said Joyce Anastasia, a transformational leadership consultant quoted in a story in the April 4 L.A. Times.

The Downeast Howl will be held Thursday, May 7, 2020, at moonrise—8:07 pm. Bill Johnson, who emailed fellow chorus members about the call to howl earlier this week, noted that at howl time, participants should “Step outside, locate the moon, throw your head back and howl at it!”
Johnson has curated the following selection of howling videos in a teasing riff on the choir’s usual method of working on their music via online practice files, then assembling to join voices in song. “If you are not familiar with the sound of a wolf pack, click the practice files below.”


Nice ensemble work:

A lovely duet:

The Magnum Opus, with full chorus: