by Joan Lowden

ArtWalk featured artist Lilli Danaea and her partner Nick visited Eastport on a whim in the dead of winter in 2018, met a few folks, then returned to Eastport in June to stay and see how life would unfold for them.

Lilli and chicken friend are at Neptune’s Den in downtown Eastport, where paintings and drawings by Richard Netzband and sculpture by Marty Howbert are on view beside dried floral arrangements by Lilli. Photos by Anne Shields Hopkins

Inspired by nature—her greatest muse, and mentored by a floral designer whose style is wild, organic, with lots of texture, shape and asymmetry, Lilli has been a floral artist for over a decade.  Working with dried flowers, branches, herbs, pods and grasses in creative ways gives Lilli joy. “I see playing with flowers as a conversation or dance between each element. It never gets old to me.”  Lilli’s floral art is currently on view as part of Eastport ArtWalk, in the window at Neptune’s Den, 34 Water Street.

Beyond her floral design, Lilli also enjoys dance, and in this mode she has been a frequent model for the EAC Life Drawing classes. Having a background in dance, says Lilli, “Has inspired poses which feel expressive to me, with interesting lines and shapes for an artist to play with. Being a model for artists while they focus and work on their craft is very fulfilling experience. The energy of artists at work is quite palpable.” 

Lilli also offers yoga on Tuesday mornings via Zoom. “My deep belief is that many of our world’s issues stem from humans not being able to truly live inside and inhabit their own bodies,” says Lilli. “There are many reasons for this, but the first step in this journey of coming home to ourselves is in coming home to our physical being, our living, breathing bodies. Trauma often keeps us from being totally ‘available’ to do this. My intention in offering a space to practice yoga is to allow people the opportunity to discover a more embodied way of living, meaning how to become more present and aware of our moment-to-moment experience on a mental, emotional and physical level.”

We are all very fortunate that Lilli and Nick followed their winter whim to Eastport in 2018!

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