“I didn’t start out thinking I was going to be a puppeteer, but it just kind of took over my life and I went with it.”—Joe Cashore

Cashore Marionettes, though Pennsylvania-based, have been part of the EAC performer family “since before there was a building,” noted EAC Director Chris Grannis. A collaboration between Joe and Val Cashore, the multi award-winning company has a strong connection Down East—with Joe’s brother John Cashore (a well known face in the EAC crowd for appearances with Keltic Schmeltic, donated for EAC and local events). Joe and Val have been making trips to Eastport for more than 40 years, with many of these visits including memorable performances at EAC. Some of the puppet characters EAC audiences may remember from these shows are featured in this fascinating retrospective video, which was produced recently by WHYY Movers and Makers. 
Cashore, maker of more than 150 marionettes, reveals his beginnings as a puppeteer, explains why puppets can move audiences more readily than actors, and even begins a design for “a puppet who is working a puppet working a puppet.” Learn more at www.cashoremarionettes.com.

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