Remember Lena and Zak Kendall? The brother-and-sister duo at the center of Portland’s indie-folk act GoldenOak are headed back into EAC’s spotlight—virtually!

GoldenOak are shown performing at EAC in June 2019. Photo by Brandy Argir.

Healthy Acadia, in collaboration with The Criterion, Eastport Arts Center, The Grand and Schoodic Arts for All, is presenting a livestream GoldenOak show on June 12 as the official launch party of the Harvest Truck Campaign, an effort to raise funds for a vehicle to transport large volumes of food from farms to food pantries in our area. The Gleaning Initiative visits local farms to harvest excess fruits and vegetables, and delivers the fresh produce to a wide network of food pantries and free meal programs. Since 2013, the project has distributed over 256,000 pounds of healthy food to the community.
While the Gleaning Initiative harvests and distributes significant poundage, they are currently unable to collect all that is offered to them by farmers. They estimate that last year alone, nearly 10,000 pounds of food was left uncollected because of vehicle constraints. A dedicated Harvest Truck, with greater reliability and space, will significantly increase the amount of produce available to families in need and reduce the amount of food waste on farms.
This year, we know the need is more severe. It means a great deal to us to be part of an effort to increase food access for those in our communities who may not be getting the nutrition that their families need while simultaneously highlighting a great Maine band and incredible arts partners. After all, access to healthy food and exposure to the arts are two important elements of a strong community.

We invite you to visit the Facebook event page today, and join in on June 12th at 8pm for an evening of music and community spirit. 
Join us in helping make more harvests possible by contributing to the Harvest Truck Campaign. Every gift makes a difference.
Questions? Learn more by clicking HERE or contacting Shoshona Smith at

For an appetizer-sized taste of GoldenOak, check out this video the group produced of their original tune, River, or visit them at

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