Artists Sue Riddle and Mary Anderson have been active participants in Eastport’s ArtWalk since the initiative began. Though Riddle lives in Pembroke, her works have been on view in Anderson’s window gallery at 126 Water Street, as well as at the side entrance of the library. This week, as Eastport area residents celebrate Peavey Library beginning curbside services, with pickup of library materials available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we’d like to highlight artwork by Riddle and Anderson—including ‘portraits’ of the Peavey facade by Anderson and a brand-new installation piece created by Riddle for the library foyer. (Find information about the library’s curbside circulation services at the end of this post. Read more about the Eastport ArtWalk, and see the latest map, here).

Anderson’s ever-changing window gallery featured striking images of Peavey Library until earlier this week, when discovering how much the relentless Eastport sunshine was fading the artwork, Anderson took the images out of the window. Luckily, we can enjoy the artworks right here!
The genesis of these images was Eastport Gallery‘s 2019 Paint Eastport Day, which found Anderson creating building shape prints. These images, though, had been abandoned to Anderson’s ‘scrap pile,’ until earlier this month she fished them out and began working into them with oil pastel and watercolor to round out the red and violet sections of her carefully planned rainbow-hued June ArtWalk window.

Works arranged in a Pride rainbow theme in Mary Anderson’s window gallery include Mary’s own images (watercolors and prints) and sculpture, and a mix of textiles and paintings by Sue Riddle, Lauren Koss and Sherrill Koss. (Several of the works on view were created during workshops at EAC!) The gallery is at 126 Water Street. Photo by Mary Anderson.

This past Tuesday, June 16, Sue Riddle installed an ambitious work combining hand-dyed fabric and intricately printed fish in Peavey Library’s front entryway. Riddle’s colorful panels are the backdrop for many patches and panels of fabric, sewn in place and telling parts of a first-person story, inspired by her research about Eastport’s sardine industry. The fish (Atlantic herring/sardines!), which in addition to schooling all over the fabric panels are to be found peeking out of windows all ’round the library, as well as displayed on whimsical sticks all around the library grounds, were printed on upcycled circulation cards.
“I was basically trying to create an underwater scene of the sardines below the docks,” said Riddle. ” … the watery blues and the rusts of the bricks reflected in the dyed fabric. I finally decided to create imaginary journal entries based on photographs of the sardine industry I found online.”

Anderson and Riddle are familiar faces in the EAC ‘art crowd’— students at many EAC workshops, participants in Eastport Gallery Paint Eastport Days past, an EAC publicity volunteer (Anderson) and past instructor of several workshops and not-your-average sip ‘n’ paint nights (Riddle).

Sue Riddle (foreground) is shown at ‘On Your Marc … Get Sip! … Go!’, a sip ‘n’ paint exploration of the animal-themed artworks of Franz Marc she led last June as part of EAC’s Summer Workshop Series. Mary Anderson (at right) was a student at the event. (Note too Sue’s hand-printed shirt and hair dyed specially in Marc’s palette for the occasion!)