Katie Melancon, one of EAC’s yoga teachers, presents here a body and breath check-in to be used to help center and rebalance viewers, and intended to be used as often as is helpful, or memorized and revisited by the student whenever appropriate. Katie teaches a Zoom yoga session each Saturday morning; find more information about the class here: https://eastportartscenter.org/events/. (And watch for baby Emma’s surprise cameo in the video!)

Yoga has been with me through so many changes,” writes Katie. “Loss, relocation, teaching, marriage, motherhood. And now, a pandemic. 
“My own practice has changed, and my teaching changed. Through each phase of life, we adapt, just as we do on our yoga mats. The only constant is change. 
“I hope that each person that tunes in to these online yoga classes can feel the energy and connectedness of our community. And just in case you need to hear this: You are so strong. Find your breath, let it guide you.