We at EAC can’t help but feel a bit gloomy on what in any other year would be the eve of our annual Moose Island Follies. As a diversion and an encouragement for all of our creators out there in the community to keep on creating, we present this clip of Brandy and Ross Argir finishing their set at last year’s Follies show. “I’m glad you were able to capture that moment,” wrote Brandy, who works at Eastport Healthcare, and moved to Eastport with husband Ross in 2018. “That was the first time Ross and I had a real performance since moving away from Michigan in 2015.”

Lately, the couple have been busy collaborating with Alice St. Clair, Susan Luthin and Joan Lowden as the Moose Island House Players. The contra dance band performed at several well attended dances and the Festival of Trees at the EAC this past winter, but have shifted their performance mode and even their repertoire in the wake of Covid-19. “The Moose Island House Players have been enjoying outdoor practice in warmer weather and are looking forward to sharing some new tunes,” wrote Brandy. “As contra dances have been temporarily suspended, we are working on arrangements suitable for outdoor sing-a-longs: sea shanties, American folk songs, and other easily recognizable tunes.” The group have been spotted at various locations around Eastport while they practice.

Want to hear more? Here are some tunes Brandy and Ross recorded at home this past March.