Cutler Village Redemption , a service which collects returnable bottles and cans ‘from Lubec to Eastport’ and ‘from Cutler to Cherryfield’ and all towns in between, makes weekly runs to pick up returnables from homes and businesses, and offers the option to have the deposit money donated to EAC for the customer. Please find detailed information about arranging for pickups via the service’s Facebook page; we did read that they’re taking a break week this week, but pickups will resume July 6. Thank you for your help sustaining the EAC, Cutler Village Redemption, and to Bobbie Lehigh, who suggested that we share information about this service.

Following is some additional information from a June 5 post on the Cutler Village Redemption site. Pickup requests may be made via Facebook Messenger, or at (207) 460-5327 or 263-6847.

We are now accepting pick up requests again. With other area redemption centers closed we are extremely busy, and very grateful for your business, however there may be times we just can’t fit you in. We are in the areas of Lubec to Eastport and towns in between usually on Tuesday and or Wednesday. We are in the areas of Cutler to Cherryfield and all towns in between on Thursday and or Friday. Mondays will be used to catch up in areas if we are unable to get everyone and have slot if stops left.
Please do not message us on the day we are scheduled for your area wanting to be added to the schedule for that week, We will add you to the following weeks schedule only at that point.

How this works is when you message for a pick up you are put on a schedule depending which area you are from, if you are from Eastport you’re on the schedule for Tuesday and or Wednesday if you’re in Columbia you are on the schedule for Thursday or Friday. Now here’s the thing: just because you are on the schedule there is no guarantee we can fit you in that week, as we never know how many bottles every other stop before you has. We can only fit so many on our trailer in a day. If we don’t get you we automatically add you to the following weeks schedule, there’s no need to message telling us we didn’t get you we know.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Can you tell me what day you will be picking up?
A. No we cannot it all depends how busy we are that day.

Q. Can you give me a time or at least a time frame you will be here?
A. No we cannot, again it depends how busy we are and how many bottles everyone has. Some stops take longer than others.

Q. Can you come pick up my bottles right now?
A. No please reread above for when we are in your area.

Q. Do i need to be home?
A. No just leave the bottles out and let us know a safe place to leave the money.

Q. Is there a fee for getting our bottles picked up?
A. No our service is free, you still get the 5 and 15 cents for your bottles and cans.

We appreciate your business, and ask for your patience. If you’re on the schedule and we couldn’t fit you in and you must return your bottles elsewhere we understand, but ask you to let us know so we don’t waste a trip out to you. If we come to you more than twice and you have already gotten rid of your returnables or don’t have them ready we will remove you from our customer list.