Quoddy Voices are one of the many musical groups whose activities have been curtailed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, the group’s director, John Newell, has been working with the singers via Zoom sessions, providing sight-singing and rhythm practice, to build skills for the group’s eventual and wished for return to gathering as a group. For the occasion of the June 5-7 weekend, when the group’s 2020 Spring concerts had been planned, Newell presents the finale tune of the 2019 Spring concerts—Sisi Ni Moja by Jacob Narverud, a spirited anthem which translates to “we are one” in Swahili. The piece features guest drummer Kieran Weston and pianist Kamiwan Luszcz-Santos alongside the chorus who sing in both Swahili and English.

“Our program in June of 2019 was an exploration of the musical cultures around the world,” said Newell. “The amazing diversity of languages and styles were challenging to the choir but ultimately very satisfying. Sisi Ni Moja was chosen as the final number because of the very strong message that it sends: we are all one. That message is even more important in the present moment!

Thanks to EAC volunteers Bernie Cecire and Greg Blatt for video recording and editing the concert, which may be viewed in its entirety on EAC’s YouTube channel.