Posted by Healthy Acadia on Monday, June 8, 2020

EAC is thrilled to welcome back indie soul-folk group GoldenOak for a live-streamed concert Friday, June 12, the official launch party of Healthy Acadia‘s Harvest Truck Campaign, an effort to raise funds for a vehicle to transport large volumes of food from farms to food pantries in our area. For Friday’s show, the band will stream live from Belfast, and audiences from Eastport Arts Center and event partners Schoodic Arts for All, The Grand, The Criterion , Star 97.7 and WERU will be able to tune in! Find the event page, from which the live-stream will flow, here. Read more about the show, and the campaign effort, here.

Zak (from left), Jackson and Mike are shown. Photo, from GoldenOak’s June 2019 show, by Brandy Argir.

GoldenOak, who charmed EAC audiences at their show last June, are fronted by siblings (and harmonizers extraordinaire) Zak and Lena Kendall. The group also includes percussionist, Jackson Cromwell, and bass player, Mike Knowles, who is a native of Washington County and whose family still lives in the area.

“I grew up in Charlotte, taking music lessons in the area. Really, my whole family did, and my older brother and I actually played at the Eastport Arts Center when we were younger,” said Knowles. “As we grow, so does our music, and I am so excited to bring back a different genre of music to the area I grew up in.” 

In many ways, the themes of GoldenOak’s music are driven by their home base. “Maine is such an interesting place to be an artist,” Zak says. “It’s so remote in a lot of ways. And the landscape and the woods are so inspiring. People are often spread out, but there’s also this amazing artistic community, not only in Portland but also in the towns all over Maine.” GoldenOak can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you listen to music. Visit their website to learn more.