Willy Claflin has delighted audiences for years with his songs, stories and hilarious puppetry. An Eastport summer resident who winters in San Francisco, Willy has been a memorable part of many of EAC’s past Summer Arts Camps, taking turns with the arts and crafts leaders to offer campers some time to laugh, sing, chant, and be wrapped up in stories. One family was so taken with Willy’s performances last year that they approached him about performing as part of a birthday party for which they’d rented the EAC space. These videos (though shot unprofessionally, just for family memories) are shared here for all to enjoy.

Maynard Moose is great at getting a laugh, especially with his relatable (for kids and adults) tales of Mother Moose Preschool.

Learn more about renting the EAC here. And if you want to hear MORE from Willy, check out his site, where his entire catalogue of songs and stories are available for download!

The contributor of this video wishes that the entire performance was documented! Listen up, everyone! Tape the great stuff! You’ll want to see it again. Photo by John Leavitt.