Robert Sánchez and family have been involved at Eastport Arts Center since 2006, when they first moved to Washington County. In this video, made July 3, 2019 at EAC’s annual Moose Island Follies show, Robert accompanies his eleven-year-old son, Ellis, in Dizzy Gillespie’s tune “BirksWirks.”
Ellis and big sister Cora are no strangers to the EAC stage, and have performed in various musical configurations since early childhood, including Eastport Strings projects, annual Young Persons’ concerts, Children’s Theater Workshop productions, holiday shows, and more.

Robert is music teacher for the Eastport schools and a familiar face for EAC-goers. Ellis and Cora’s mother, Amy Zipperer, has also been active at the center, including organizing the annual Holiday Market for several years. She works in the medical field.

“We have taken this ‘home time’ to really settle in to a practice routine,” says Robert. “The daze before Covid, we were running around like crazy and it was hard to find the time to truly practice. I guess you can say that there’s a silver lining in every cloud.
“Ellis is probably my hardest working musician and it really shows! You can tell by his playing that he is competent and has fun while he’s doing it.  For an eleven-year-old playing jazz, I’d say he is off to a good start!

Ellis, at age six, performs at his first EAC Young Persons’ Concert, August 2015. Photo by Robin Farrin.