Fynn Bailey tries out some circular shapes.

EAC’s first digital Summer Arts Camp, Ann Cannizzaro’s, I Wonder with Watercolors, engaged a dozen children, ages 6-14, in the fascinating art of watercolor painting via three days of Zoom sessions, July 7, 8 and 9. Campers began with basic skills—’activating’ their pots of paint with plenty of water and rubbing with their brushes; learning not to mix colors in the pots; and exploring the different types of marks made by the two brushes included in their materials kits. More advanced techniques, including monochromatic and gradient washes followed. Participants studied layering the transparent colors by overlapping shapes, which also allowed for some good practice in brush control. Another rudiment was working to create value scales: campers drew a series of boxes, then worked to fill them with the most intense color first, then with subsequent rinses but no further dips into the paint pot, watched the color’s value and intensity fade with each painted square.

In many cases, parents and caregivers at home with the campers painted right alongside the students, and found Cannizzaro’s lessons just as valuable for adults. (And those who might be inspired by this post are encouraged to look at the examples, then try their hands at painting as well. Click on any image in the galleries below to enlarge).

Sophie Beal proudly holds up her painting for instructor Ann Cannizzaro to see.

Cannizzaro’s detailed and patient instruction, her cheer and buoyant personality, and her encouragement to all students in their efforts created a great foundation for their watercolor pursuits. She ended the three-day event by urging the campers to “Keep up the good work and keep on painting!”  

EAC’s second Summer Arts Camp session is coming up August 4-6 when Sara Myrick presents The Virtual Harry Potter Arts Camp Experience! Email alison@eastportartscenter.org with inquiries or to register; details of the August camp are coming soon to this site.

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