On July 14, 17 enthusiastic participants of all ages gathered via Zoom to learn about the many fascinating aspects of henna tattoos. The talented Ashley Hinson Dkakal, whose personal experiences highlighted the afternoon’s in-depth workshop, explained and taught step by step how to draw the four most popular motifs. Participants were provided in advance with conical tubes full of a special henna paste with all natural ingredients, and piped away on hands and feet for their own tattoos. The would-be tattooists learned that henna creates its best effect on palms because the warmer skin on the hands produces darker tattoos. 
“I was amazed at the creativity of the group that branched out from the traditional Indian-style motifs to include things like chickens and geometric designs in their tattoos!” said Ashley. “I look forward to doing this again soon!”

As part of the class experience, Ashley shared a video made by her husband’s cousin, Anoushka, from Kolkata, India, who explained the various ways she has used henna.
“Henna workshop was great!” said Aralyn Myrick, youngest of the students (and daughter of frequent EAC instructor Sara Myrick). “It was a pretty amazing experience. I think that everyone can do this if they want and have the henna.”

EAC’s Summer Workshop Series continues, with offerings for all ages and interests. Read more about upcoming workshops here.

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