On Tuesday, July 28, popular EAC instructor Ann Cannizzaro will teach ‘Zentangle: A Mindful Approach to Creativity and Flow,‘ as part of the arts center’s Summer Workshop Series via Zoom. Take a peek at the Zentangle technique in footage made by Ann’s daughter and fellow artist Nia Aretakis, featuring “All Is Well” by Art Lindemanis, from Artful Touch: Music for Massage vol 1: Acoustic Guitars.
Nia, who graduated this June from Washington Academy, hopes to head this fall to New Brunswick College of Art and Design in Fredericton, NB. She was awarded one of EAC’s Fine Arts Awards for graduating high school seniors this year.
Art is co-owner of Downeast Massage Therapy in Pembroke, and a creator of many kinds of music, including tracks like the one used here—made to support the work of healing artists. Art’s also a foodie, and big Terry Pratchett fan. More of his music (and music videos!) may be found at artfultouchmusic.com.

Nia Aretakis and Art Lindemanis contributed to the Zentangle video.