“Cat” by Peesh Rewak McClanahan

The Eastport Gallery, proudly celebrating our 35th year, presents the latest iteration of two members shows: the General Works show and the ‘Smalls’ show. Always as a complement to the larger general show, the ‘smalls’ show, notes Eastport Gallery President Jude Kempe, is comprised of works thought of “As hidden gems, usually smaller in size, but not always. They are, however, smaller in price.” Links to the virtual exhibitions, which are an accompaniment to the gallery’s newly open-for-masked visitors status, may be found below.

“Rooster Colors” by Alice Chen

With these opening shows the gallery would like to welcome and introduce four new members who have joined for this season. Please help us welcome Anne Black, Jennifer Maffett, Barbara Moskol and Amy Ray. 

General Works Show
Smalls Show

“Seascape” by Jennifer Maffett
“Island Sunset” by Alice Chen

“Please join us this summer,” says gallery president Jude Kempe, “whether virtually or hopefully in person later this season, as we continue to transform and grow.”

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