Island Fellow Mark Macey’s performance research group, Suckerpunch ( is excited to present The Breach, a multichannel audio-visual performance. The piece written by Alex Coltrin explores themes of technology, ecology, and civics as we follow our narrator from dream to reality and, finally, to madness.

The Breach 
Written by Alex Coltrin
Performed by Kali Scott
Content from (alphabetically by last name):
Daniel Amsel (w/ Alek Burden), Alex Coltrin, Mark Macey, Dexter Patterson, Kali Scott
Edited by Mark Macey

Alex wrote the script then we all responded to it with video performances. It worked a lot like Life in Washington County actually,” said Macey. 
Coltrin says the group is no stranger to being far afield. “Suckerpunch has been working remotely for a little over a year now, sending and sharing our work to each other in a very collaborative effort, but The Breach added the extra challenge and experience of a totally prerecorded production.” 
Long-time collaborator, Kali Scott, added that this distance “lent to some interesting shape-shifting and discovery.” 
The Breach runs just under 15 minutes. Audiences should be advised that the piece deals with difficult themes. 

Suckerpunch members clip and rearrange scripts in rehearsal at the University of Utah for their production of “We Like Stay in Character the Whole Time and Everything (You Really Just Prefer Seinfeld)”