Eastport Gallery’s latest pop-up Music on the Deck show held August 22 featured the Moose Island House Players: Alice St. Clair, Ross Argir, Brandy Argir, Susan Luthin and Joan Lowden. Reels, shanteys, a touch of bluegrass and the Grateful Dead made up the day’s musical fare, bringing great music and wonderful surprises to a smiling and appreciative audience below on the breakwater. “The Moose Island Players fiddled and strummed and sang their hearts out!” enthused Jude Kempe, Gallery president and documentarian/editor of the Music on the Deck concert videos.
Previous acts in this series were Joan Lowden (Basslady) and Robert Sánchez, and Oen Kennedy. Check out a teaser clip and more info about Joan and Robert’s show here, or watch the whole thing here!
Eastport Gallery will release full concert videos of select Music on the Deck shows. Music fans will want to subscribe to the Gallery’s YouTube channel to catch the shows as soon as they drop!

The Moose Island House Players are Alice St. Clair (from left), Susan Luthin, Joan Lowden, Brandy Argir and Ross Argir. Photo by Jude Kempe.
Oen Kennedy is shown during his pop up concert on August 15. Photo by Jude Kempe.
‘Basslady’ Joan Lowden and Robert Sánchez kicked off the Music on the Deck Series. Photo by Jude Kempe.