Eastport ArtWalk, in association with Eastport Arts Center, Eastport Gallery and the Tides Institute & Museum of Art,  continues to celebrate August abundance with a new Walk of the Week. Each week, ArtWalk posts a new route featuring a different 1-1.5 mile walk, celebrating the gardens, vistas and outdoor artwork found along the way.
This week’s walk is a Hillside Amble, in partnership with the Shead High School Greenhouse.
The goal of the greenhouse is to support Shead High School’s vision of providing an innovative experience that will prepare every student for a successful future. All students have the opportunity to taste fresh produce grown by the horticulture class and garden club students. When asked why the program is important to her, Connie Knight says: “I enjoy providing students with experiential learning while sharing my passion for gardening”.
Eastport and the Eastport ArtWalk thank Connie and Shead High School for their contribution to the health and well-being of our community.
For ArtWalk maps, visit and like: https://www.facebook.com/EastportArtWalk
BONUS: Diana’s not-so-secret garden – Green house on the corner of Clark and High St. Visitors are welcome to respectfully explore the gardens, no harvesting please! Thanks for sharing Diana!