Jude Kempe (from left), Joan Lowden and Anne Shields Hopkins discuss “Art in the Virtual World” on the Eastport Gallery deck. Photo by Robin Farrin.

The Eastport Gallery’s ‘Art in the Virtual World’ video talks have been released, and are viewable below, as well as on the gallery’s YouTube channel.

‘Art in the Virtual Part I’ featured Lauren Koss, Mark Macey, Joan Lowden and Lora Whelan speaking about their roles in Stage East’s Life in Washington County, a series of videos produced via digital collaboration. (Stills from the pieces covered in the talk are included below; videos from the project are viewable by clicking the project’s name above).

‘Art in the Virtual World, Part 2’ featured Jude Kempe, president of the Eastport Gallery, and artist and activist Anne Shields Hopkins discussing the challenges and rewards of moving visual art from physical to online platforms. 

Joan Lowden (from left), Lauren Koss and Jenie Smith collaborated in ‘Gold ‘n’ Green Ball,’ a ‘Life in Washington County’ video based on text by Melodie Greene.
Kathleen Dunbar acted in ‘Grackles,’ a ‘Life in Washington County’ video written by Lora Whelan, with music by John Newell and visual art by Joan Lowden.
Graphic by Jude Kempe, featuring stills from the ‘Art in the Virtual World’ talks.