Eastport Gallery has come to the end of “an all too short season,” with Sunday, September 27 as the last day to visit and see the three shows in the Water Street space. “We are sincerely grateful to our members who have volunteered to sit so that we could continue to offer art and music events to our community and visitors during this unprecedented and unpredictable time,” said Gallery president Jude Kempe. “Though we have only been open three days a week and for a little less than 2 months, we have had a wonderful season thanks to all of you who have supported us. Our three shows will come down in the gallery after Sunday. Please come in and see us for a last look until next year.”

“Fishes Scream: we are dying- the sea is dying- can you hear…can you help?” by Elizabeth Ostrander

Virtual Shows to Continue Over the Winter

“Our Virtual Gallery has lagged behind our past two shows thanks to the fact that many of the new pieces that were submitted were purchased before the gallery went live,” noted Kempe. “This season has offered us quite the learning curve as it has so many.”
The gallery will continue to offer Virtual Gallery shows this winter, aiming to bring viewers inspiring art to look during the indoor months ahead. 

“Garden by the Sea” by Alice Chen