“The art romp was an inspiration to loosen up and start doing quantities of experimental art,” noted participant Mary Anderson. “What a bargain, a class and tools too!”

Offered via Zoom as part of EAC’s Workshop Series, the ‘Art Romp’ was the brainchild of artist and musician Anne Black, taught with vigor to a group of ten students on September 20, between long stints of painting (colorfully!) her Eastport home, which she hopes to occupy more and more as time goes on.

Black guided attendees through a rapid hour of “mark-making” and printing, followed by an ingeniously simple slot-and-tab bookmaking technique. Each student created piles of papers bearing all sorts of textured marks and colors using their brayers, acrylic paints, simple foam plates and some unexpected materials, like feathers, raveled string, torn paper and plastic netting.

Jennifer Maffett, from Pembroke, shows her journal-in-process during the Zoom.
Catherine Lee shared these pages created with Black’s instruction.

“This workshop included both local participants and one from Pennsylvania,” noted Alison Brennan, EAC’s Education & Outreach Director. “With Covid precautions still in our lives, the arts center has received grateful thank yous for offering these Zoom workshops that provide a creative outlet for people who have attended our past workshops but were unable to stay in Eastport this summer. Special thanks to Anne Black for her expertise and help with this fun art romp of printing, mark-making, painting and constructing the beautiful journals.”

Anderson, a participant in many past EAC workshops added, “It was fun but really rapid fire action with no time to over think the process. I am now inspired to do more crazy print stuff. Couldn’t sleep for awhile last night because I thought of more messy art printing I want to do.”
As part of this continuing inspiration, Anderson, Sue Riddle (a fellow frequenter and past teacher of EAC workshops) and this editor have been corresponding since the workshop, trading images of work made at the workshop and arising since, and included in this post.