EAC’s monthly Draw-a-Thon, hosted via Zoom on the fourth Saturday of each month by Anne Shields Hopkins and Mark Macey, has continued to engage an array of artists and performers with each monthly meeting.
“I spent last evening in Eastport at a Draw-a-thon,” noted participant Heidi Reidell about September’s session. “I listened to Rafi [Hopkins] play music as Anne [Shields Hopkins] found interesting contorted poses in a stairwell, in the quick pose phase. Manuela Brice read us poetry in both German and English, and Joan Lowden entertained  us with dancing earrings and her traveling bass. She is after all, The Bass Lady.” As an extension of her enthusiasm for the event, Heidi went on to become a model for the October session.

Performer/models for the September and October sessions included Manuela Brice (LunaMuse), Anne Shields Hopkins, Rafi Hopkins, Duane Ingalls, Art Lindemanis (Artful Touch), Joan Lowden (Bass Lady), Mark Macey, Heidi Reidell and ‘after party’ band Oh Boy Thanks.
Participating artists included: Becca Chase, Mary-Lou Griffin (and studio-mates!), Eileen Hawes, Kerin Hearn, Anne Shields Hopkins, Heidi Reidell, Paula Ressler, Sue Riddle, and Susan Saandholland.

All are encouraged to join in for Draw-a-Thon, which has included musicians, spoken word performers, and exciting experimentation. The next session is November 28!