Reprising a collaboration from July 2020*, EAC Video presents imagery shot by Nia Aretakis with musical accompaniment by Art Lindemanis. Art’s tune, “Namaste” is from his album, Artful Touch: Music for Massage vol 1: Acoustic Guitar; Nia’s footage was made around her home in Pembroke. The video pairing is presented in hopes of providing a viewers a moment of peace and gratitude.

Nia, who graduated this June from Washington Academy, was accepted for 2020-2021 study at New Brunswick College of Art and Design in Fredericton, NB, but will instead begin her studies for the 2021-2022 academic year. She was a recipient of an EAC Fine Arts Awards for graduating high school seniors this year.
Art is co-owner of Downeast Massage Therapy in Pembroke, and a creator of many kinds of music, including tracks like the one used here—made to support the work of healing artists. Art’s also a foodie, and big Terry Pratchett fan. More of his music (and music videos!) may be found at
*Nia and Art’s first collaboration was a promo video for Ann Cannizzaro’s Zentangle Workshop (another Pembroke artist, Ann is Nia’s mother); check it out below: