Eastport Arts Center’s Washington Street Gallery has announced an upcoming open virtual exhibition, ‘Covid Creations’ to be presented via the center’s site with a December 10 opening. Organizers would like to ask artists of the EAC community, near and far, “What have you created during the Covid-19 pandemic?” Submissions are due November 15. Please read on for information about submitting work.

“Covid Creations”

Submission Deadline: November 15 
Show opens online: December 10 and closes January 31; exhibition will be archived on the EAC site.

How to submit:
1. Attach your best photo of your work to an email to:  curatingcommittee@eastportartscenter.org
2. Include the following info in your email, as you would like it to appear in the online gallery with your work:
• Your first and last name
• Title of work
• Media
• Size
• Price/NFS
• Optional comment: In 50 words or fewer make a comment about the work, how it was created, why it is important to you or anything else you would like the EAC audience to know about the work.
3. Include in your email the following contact info, which will NOT appear in the online gallery:
• Your email address
• Your phone number, including area code

Artist Agreement:

If you post a sales price, keep in mind that the arrangement for the sale of art must be made privately between you, the artist, and the interested party. Buyers will contact the EAC, which will forward the buyer’s contact information to the artist. The Eastport Arts Center does not itself sell artwork. If a sale does occur from the work’s having been seen in the open show, the artist will make a donation of 25% of the sale to the EAC. The artist will be responsible for mailing the donation to the EAC, and also collecting and handling the Maine sales tax.

Artist Sue Riddle created this portrait at a weekly Zoom drawing group; she’s been attending the group almost weekly since March 2020 when Anne Hopkins (painted in the portrait above) started it.
“Covid Fatigue” by Mary Anderson