On Friday the 13th of November 2020, EAC’s ‘In the Studio,’ a Friday morning Zoom group, joined Laura K. Alger-Barkley in her home studio. Laura studied at Pratt Institute and Vermont College of Fine Art. Laura grew up in New England and is now a resident of Austin, TX.

Laura was trained as a printmaker,” notes ‘In the Studio’ host Anne S. Hopkins. “We can feel that luxurious style in this piece of marker and paint.

Becca Chase writes of Laura’s creative share:

Laura works with a rich, colorful palette, and with markers,  ink, and gouache, Laura takes a delightfully mysterious pop-culture,  fantasy, and sci-fi approach to self-portraiture. In her studio talk she  explained how she uses a repeated, sometimes unconscious iconography of evocative, abstract imagery to explore and  represent her emotional life. She spoke of balancing the need to be  gentle with her artist self while meeting the demands of daily family life, with the need to push herself to spend as much time in the studio as possible when her work is gathering strength  and momentum during the past year, especially during the pandemic months. It was so exciting and inspirational to see and hear this artist as she appears to be breaking through to a new level of artistic and personal accomplishment and confidence.

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