Quoddy Voices, who have been in ‘virtual’ session since September, release their second collaborative video this week. As with their previous release, the singers learned their parts with director John Newell via Zoom, then submitted recordings for his assembly and editing. Newell credits the choice of “Turn! Turn! Turn!” to Steve Koenig, a longtime member of the choir’s bass section (and gregarious unofficial recruiter for the group). It’s “a tune that we would know and could get into easily,” noted Newell. “That fit into my plan of not trying pieces that would be extra-difficult to learn over Zoom. Also the theme and lyrics of the song fit so well with what we are all going through in this time of crisis.

To illustrate the vocal piece, Newell edited together a group of photos by Liza Franklin, whose husband and daughter, John and Ann, have sung with the choir during in-person seasons. “I had seen some of Liza’s photos on Facebook and was immediately drawn to them,” said Newell. “The seasons in this part of the world are so distinct and inspirational.”

“I take pictures,” said Franklin, “because each and every day  living in this area I find myself in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. There is always a moment or many moments where I see a something breathtaking … the dark silhouette of a sea bird flying against the sky, the shimmer of  sunlight on the water, the sea smoke that glows pink or gold with the rising sun, a wild flower touched with dew … all this and so much more inspire me.” 

This view is #275 in Franklin’s ‘Autumn Finery’ photo series.

Quoddy Voices is a constituent group of Eastport Arts Center, where creativity and community meet. The choir’s videos are available via the center’s website, eastportartscenter.org, and YouTube channel. Read more about the virtual choir project, and watch their previous musical release, here.