“Late Winter Afternoon” by Dennis Schaefer

EAC’s Washington Street Gallery asked artists this fall, “What have you created during the Covid-19 pandemic?” A fascinating array of works have been submitted in response to this prompt, along with many artist statements which offer insight into continuing creative work during this time. An online exhibition is under construction to showcase these images and stories; this week we offer a sneak preview of a handful of works from the show.

“End of Season” by Leslie Bowman

“The isolation was not that new or different this year,” noted contributing artist Leslie Bowman. “But when I spend more time in the landscape than with people, elements in nature often speak to me with unique personalities. Painting is the celebration of seeing.”

Echolation Elation” by Joanne Carney

“[This print] was inspired by my Mother who just turned 80 years old,” said contributor Joanne Carney of her submission (above).  “I have not seen her since February. We sadly had to cancel our vacation south together in March and she was unable to visit me out East this summer as she normally would due to Covid-19. She enthusiastically goes whale watching every trip she can when she visits us, even on the high-speed Zodiac with water crashing over her! She loves whales and I love her and miss her.”

Many of the works in the exhibition will be available for purchase; inquiries will be directed by the gallery’s curating committee to the artists, who will complete sale arrangements. Please contact curatingcommittee@eastportartscenter.org if interested in purchasing a work, or with other questions about the exhibition.