EAC’s Tuesday, Friday and Saturday yoga classes will continue to meet as regularly scheduled through the Christmas and New Year holidays this year.
“Since this year things are so different than normal years,” noted instructor Lilli Danaea, who’ll teach on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, “I am offering it for folks that may want/need a class.”
Katie Melancon, who’ll teach on December 26 and January 2, echoed these sentiments, and will also keep her schedule ‘truckin.’

Lilli’s Mindfulness & Yoga runs Tuesdays, 8:30-9:45 am and Fridays, 9-10 am. For more information or to join the class, please contact Lilli at lillireally@gmail.com
Katie’s Gentle Flow Yoga runs Saturdays, 8:30-9:30 am. Please contact Katie—anchorandbalanceyoga@gmail.com—for information about how to participate.

Katie Melancon, enjoying the on-again, off-again snow cover of Washington County December with her family, will teach her Saturday morning yoga class straight through the 2020 holiday weekends.
Lilli Danaea, who’ll teach her regular Tuesday and Friday yoga classes through the holidays, has created this peaceful spot for her personal mindfulness and yoga practice.