ShopEastportOnline, a free directory for Eastport-area businesses, was created this fall by Christy Whitmore and her husband, who moved to Eastport last year. “It’s a simple directory. All transactions take place with the merchants directly, and it’s free,” explained Christy. “The site is paid for by a donation and the webwork is all volunteer. As this year progressed with all its challenges, an online directory seemed like a good way to boost the shopping profile of the Eastport area businesses who sell online.”

In addition to promoting businesses who offer direct online sales, the site also offers a listing of subscriptions and services, information about online classes, and links to Gift a Donation to a number of Eastport-area organizations, including EAC.
Currently featured on the site are EAC’s two yoga classes, online drawing groups, and EAC constituent Eastport Gallery’s year-round virtual gallery.
“Eastport Gallery, celebrating its 35th year, has always been a seasonal gallery,” notes Joan Lowden, Eastport Gallery president. “We launched a virtual gallery this past summer in response to the pandemic, and are excited to partner with Shop Eastport Online to continue to promote our year-round virtual gallery. “
“I am so delighted with the positive response,” says Christy.
We’re adding new listings every day. With those involved sharing their own listings, the site’s address, and all the wonderful things available there with their personal and professional networks (email, social, family, friends) the better the awareness, web-search results and hopefully the more Downeast goodness going out in the world. I’ve asked my web-savvy children located from coast to coast to share it with their friends, it’s fun to see comments come in: ‘Oh wow I’m from …’ or ‘I love Maine!’ If everyone would do that it can’t miss.