Eastport Gallery extends thanks to all for supporting the Eastport schools’ art program via the recent youth bandana auction. “I was sad to take down the bandana display at the gallery on Sunday, but it was time for the bandanas to go to their new homes,” said Gallery president Joan Lowden. “It was such a pleasure to present this project in association with Anne Shields Hopkins, my co-organizer at Eastport ArtWalk, and Sara Myrick, art teacher at Shead High and Eastport Elementary School.   Most of all, thanks to the students, grades 3-8 for their creativity, enthusiasm and – dare I say – competitive spirit!  I look forward to future collaborations with this amazing group of budding artists!”
Those who missed out on a bandana, but wish to contribute to this project, may donate via PayPal.

Happy holidays from Sara, Anne, Joan, the Eastport Schools Art Students and the Eastport Gallery!

The bandana clothesline show and silent auction were a joint project of Eastport Gallery, Eastport ArtWalk and Eastport Elementary School, created as a benefit for the Eastport schools’ art program.
Art teacher Sara Myrick said that the participants, from 3rd to 8th grades, loved the project and were excited to show their work in an art gallery. Students focused on symmetry, pattern, color and craftsmanship when creating their unique, hand painted bandanas. Because the bandanas were auctioned via Facebook, students also considered style trends, consumption patterns and market appeal when creating their artwork for public auction.

Bandana designs shown include 6th graders Courtney K. (top to bottom) and Jay-len F., and 8th grader Madeline C.