Longtime gallery member Jude Kempe is the Eastport Gallery’s featured artist this week.  Jude reflects: “The gift of being an artist for me is that I find absolutely everything in the world fascinating. The gift of being an artist has given me the ability to observe keenly, feel deeply, honor ideas and visions that come to me and have the courage and fortitude to express all these things in whatever form they decide to ultimately take.

This gift has pushed me to learn many forms and techniques throughout my life, and although learning them hasn’t always been easy, when the ideas and visions finally find their form and begin to take on a kind of life of their own, being an artist has been undeniably  rewarding.”

The Eastport Gallery has provided Jude with the opportunity to present her artistic vision in various formats, not limited to visual arts, most recently as producer of the Eastport Gallery’s new Artist to Artist video series. Please watch Part 1 of her interview with fellow Gallery artist Elizabeth Ostrander here: https://www.eastportgallery.com

Visit Jude’s artist gallery here:  https://www.eastportgallery.com/judith-kempe