EAC Video’s Studio Visit series will continue with looks into the work of pastel painter Cynthia Morse and drag performer Zach Smith. Check out this trailer to see these folks in action—Cynthia exploring a blueberry barren’s bold color through her chosen medium, and Zach preparing for a Downeast Pride Festival performance at Eastport Gallery—part of the gallery’s wildly successful summer 2020 Music on the Deck series—with his band, Beach Trash. Yet another flavor in the piece is improvised music by Les Trois Etoiles and friends, including Gene Nichols, Duane Ingalls, Clifton Moser, Connie Harter Bagley, Nikoh Nickerson and Lauren Koss.

This video was produced by Eastport Arts Center, with support from the Belvedere Traditional Handcrafts Fund of the Maine Community Foundation. Camerawork was done by Lauren Koss and Mark Macey, with trailer edit by Koss. Check out other videos from the Studio Visit series here.

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