See Anne in action in this mini-trailer!

Join Anne Hopkins and friends in your home kitchen for EAC’s next workshop offering: an afternoon of learning to create the digestive ‘wonder food,’ sauerkraut. The free foodcraft class will take place from 1:30-3 pm, Sunday, January 31, via Zoom.

Participants will receive a PDF of Anne’s sauerkraut-making pamphlet when they register for the session, with inspiration, ingredients list and tools to gather. They’ll then spend the session prepping cabbage and other vegetables with Anne, who’ll demonstrate the process, and then talk through the art of fermentation. Necessary supplies include: head cabbage, salt (sea salt preferred), large mixing bowl, cutting board and knife, quart or half gallon jar with (plastic) lid and dark towel. Optional supplies include: carrots, onions, hot pepper, caraway seeds, garlic, ginger and grater. 

Anne has been succeeding at making krauts for a dozen years (and failing for fifteen) so they will be able to guide all through the pitfalls and perks of this living food. Participants will learn to DIY and enjoy this wonder food at home this winter. 

Please register by emailing, by Saturday, January 30. Participants will receive their Zoom invitation on the 30th for the following day’s session. Funding for this free workshop has been provided by Belvedere Traditional Handcrafts Fund of the Maine Community Foundation.

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