The much anticipated Covid Creations exhibition, a project of EAC’s Washington Street Gallery, has arrived!

Please click here to visit the show.

“Being laid off shook my habit of returning to the same few locations. They satisfied me plenty, but exploring was no longer a “waste” of precious painting time. Who knows how long I’d have gone before showing up to the thrilling foggy marsh scenes.”—Ashley Zipp, image number 32, Fog Rolling Over Marsh

Fog Rolling Over Marsh by Ashley Zipp
Ashley Zipp. 2020. Fog Rolling Over Marsh. Oil on panel. 5 x 5 1/2″. Sold.
Works by Elizabeth Ostrander (counter-clockwise from bottom right), William Humphreys, Ashley Zipp, Charles Kniffen, Catherine Adelman, Sharon Yates, Sammy Anderson and Alan Horseradish are part of the diverse Covid Creations exhibition.