EAC is excited to announce a theme close to our hearts for February: Food Month! The theme is being offered to nourish the spirit of our annual International Dinner, and as a special fond remembrance of our beloved Joyce Weber, who showered EAC with her volunteer efforts, with an especial sparkle when the task included providing food.

International Dinner bounty! This shot from the 2020 feast by Robin Farrin.

“Next weekend would be the traditional weekend for International Dinner, a favorite longtime event at the arts center,” notes EAC Director Chris Grannis. “This is another time I miss Joyce. She was there always checking to make sure we had enough food, enough help, candlesticks! She supplied 5 dishes, on average, to every dinner and those dishes were some of the crowd’s favorites: New York Cheesecake, English Trifle, Boca Negra, Boeuf Bourguignon, to name a few. I will also miss the smile on her face while she watched (usually while serving) her community gathered, sharing food that they love and many stories.” 

Joyce Weber’s legendary New York Cheesecake, a perennial International Dinner favorite. Photo by Brandy Argir.
Joyce Weber’s cheesecake recipe card, which Chris Grannis is in the process of deciphering!
Joyce Weber (at right) looks over the spread at the 2020 International Dinner. Photo by Robin Farrin.

Those interested in participating in EAC’s February is Food Month are encouraged to get in touch with International Dinner memories and photos, and recipes to contribute to an ongoing International EAC Cookbook. Volunteers are also sought to help with the project of creating the cookbook. Please contact chris@eastportartscenter.org to get involved!

Food fan Robin Leavitt, with an assist from PBSO member Jenny Robish, dines in style.