Play by Play, Stage East’s theater appreciation course, continues on March 3 at 7 pm. The class, which focuses on the Theatre of the Absurd, has over a dozen members that have met weekly since the first session on February 17. Thus far, they’ve read and discussed the work of Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter with many other iconic playwrights to follow. 

The Bald Soprano, which is the focus of the March 3 reading, is a seminal Absurdist work by Romanian-French playwright Eugene Ionesco. The plot follows the Smiths, an English couple, through a series of nonsensical conversations and social calls that eventually degrade into babble. Kenneth Tynan, a notable English critic at time, wrote that Ionesco’s work “is pungent and exciting, but … remains a diversion. It is not on the main road; and we do him no good, nor the drama at large, to pretend that it is.” Though there was some panic in the critical world that Ionesco’s work would narrow possibilities in the theater, it did quite the opposite, opening up “new artistic vistas” as described by the New York Times looking back at the playwright’s work nearly six decades later.

The course is still open for enrollment. Interested parties can email for more information. Stage East is a constituent group of Eastport Arts Center.